Television may give the impression that hunting Zebra is an easy deal, but I hunted for three days before getting a shot at a stallion. They tend to be very wary and difficult to approach in the bush. Contrary to belief, Zebra do not spend all their time standing around in the open waiting for their picture to be taken. Avoiding large carnivore predators since birth tends to make them elusive. I used the Remington .300 Ultra Mag with 180 grain Barnes bullets to take this trophy. We offer Zebra in several African countries and can be added to any Plains Game package. Mistakenly referred to "Burchell" Zebra which are in fact extinct.

Damaraland zebras are easily identified by the brown 'shadow' stripes between the black-and-white stripes on their coats. Usually the stripes on the legs do not run all the way to the hooves. A plains zebra.

The Chapman's zebra or the Damara zebra (Equus burchelli antiquorum) is a subspecies of plains zebra occurring from Southern Ethiopia to Angola, Namibia and eastern South Africa. It is characterized by a pattern of broad, dark stripes alternating with thin, light shadow-stripes. The stripes fade into the brownish color of the body on the hindquarters and are absent altogether on the legs.

The Chapman's Zebra was named after James Chapman; an English naturalist of the nineteenth century