Lion - Leopard Hunting

We offer hunts for Lion & Leopard in several African countries: Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia and South Africa. All are fair chase hunts! Lioness hunts are also available.


Leopard hunting is usually done over bait or with Hounds. Our areas are running very high success rates. This is due to having prime Leopard areas with large populations of not only Leopard, but game for the big tom's to feed upon. If you want a BIG TOM, give yourself ample hunting days: 14 days or more for Leopard. It is possible to combine a Cape Buffalo on this hunt with the addition of two hunting days. We have excellent areas in Zimbabwe: Zambezi Valley, Save, Humani and the West Nicholson low veldt. Plains game will be available in combination with Lion or Leopard hunts. We also hunt Botswana: the Kalahari and Okavango Delta region. Namibia: near Etosha National Park and Caprivi. New areas in Mozambique and possibly Uganda in 2011. Call for details. Lion hunts are spot and stalk or over bait. Call me and let's discuss your goals. We just returned from Zim with 100% success!

Cape Buffalo

The business end of a Cape Buffalo! This is every Buffalo hunters goal: a mature bull with hard bosses. There's nothing soft about this boss. Great mass and width. Taken by a friend of mine while hunting in the Selous: Tanzania.

White Rhino

We offer trophy hunts for White Rhino in South Africa. This hunt is normally for seven days. Call to discuss your hunt. We also offer "Green" hunts (darting).

TROPHY RHINO HUNT SPECIAL - White Rhino hunt. Seven days, all inclusive. $47,800.00 (upon arrival in RSA) Email for details:


Elephant can be hunted in several countries and will vary in pricing. PAC hunts are very affordable. We recommend discussing your desires so we can best arrange your hunt in an area which holds the highest percentage rate of success. As a rule of thumb: the larger/heavier the tusks, the higher the cost. Hunt area and trophy quality will dictate hunt cost. Typical trophy Elephant bull hunts run $20,000 to $65,000. Sometimes we have PAC hunts or tuskless cow for a much reduced cost.

General notes on elephant hunting in the Caprivi/ Kavango areas: The density and activity of the elephant in these two areas varies during the year, and can be reflected by the following table:

To your right is the Elephant activity Spectrum

The positions of the 2 areas are shown on the map of the Caprivi of Namibia; Sobbe in blue, and Khaudum in green.