Bontebok ram. One of the most colorful of all of Africa's antelope. Taken with Federal VS Premium cartridge loaded with Nosler's 60gr Partition bullet in .223 caliber. This is an outstanding trophy, both in beauty and table fare. Found only in South Africa and requires a CITES permit to import back into the US. Simple process and I can help with the details.

Gold class Bontebok ram. You need a CITES permit to export and import a Bontebok. We'll make this an easy process. One of the most colorful antelopes that are native to South Africa. We hunt the best PURE herds and have the best prices! This ram holds the current #26 position in SCI.

Body Length: 140-160 cm / 4.6-5.3 ft.
Shoulder Height: 85-100 cm / 2.8-3.3 ft.
Tail Length: 30-45 cm / 12-18 in.
Weight: 55-80 kg / 121-176 lb.

The short, glossy coat is a purplish or reddish brown shade, becoming lighter on the back. The underparts and insides of the legs are white, with the outsides being the same colour as the body. While the rump of the blesbok (D. p. phillipsi) is the same color as the back, there is a white patch on the rump surrounding the tail of the bontebok (D. p. dorcas), whose lower legs are also white. There is a white blaze on the face, consisting of a slender patch on the forehead, and a wider, longer stripe down the nose. These two patches are continous in the bontebok, but are usually interrupted by a tiny dark band in the blesbok. Calves are born a light yellowish brown with dark faces, and have none of the markings of adults. Both sexes carry the strongly ridged, lyre-shaped black horns, which grow 35-50 cm / 14-17 inches long. Most of the top record book Bontebok are in fact hybred's. They readily cross breed with Blesbok. Today, certification is required to enter a record book Bontebok...and rightly so! Bontebok have black horns. Blesbok have blonde horns but can occur in different tints of earth tones.

You will need a signed letter from the land owner attesting to having pure breed Bontebok along with your CITES permit. I will assist you in all facets of your hunt, just give me a call.